Friday, December 26, 2014

Broken Woman

Hello Everybody,
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and made the most of it. I spent time with my family, nothing fancy. For those who don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you have been well. I've decided to share a poem I wrote in my phone a few years back while I was in a hospital room observing an old woman. Hope you enjoy!

She strode slowly across the sea of brown,

Dragging the brown tangled weeds.

Her head paid tribute to the ground,

In absolute reverence her back went down.

Her bloodshot eyes sought lids for cover,

The scarf wound around her head of white tangles seemed less of colour,

And her lips the shade of sea’s foam.

I gazed behind the glass of safety,

She seemed oblivious to my stares,

The blue sky looked down in pity,

The sun pardoned her as she worked.

The stench of disinfectant blocked her own,

The ears not so keen ignored my cough,

As I waited for attendants in white.

The feeble home resembled her,

A light wind could take both,

But inside lived memories of absent ones gone long ago.

Her tired lips sent inaudible mumbles,

At spirits still around.

Her wide, blank stares were thrown across the yard,

Reminiscing on times that cannot be retrieved.

I gazed at the broken old woman,

until the leaves started falling.
© Copyright 2014 Renee (UN: reneej at Writing.Com). All rights reserved. 

Until Next time:
Love as long you live, laugh as long as you breathe" (Unknown)

Friday, December 19, 2014

Acne Talk!

Ever wake up one day and you are feeling yourself, so you might take a couple hundred selfies and gain likes on Instagram which boost your self esteem even more. I remember my glory days a few weeks ago with my friends asking "What have you been using?!" and "Are you wearing Make-up?" Honestly, I felt good and for once everything was in place. 

Personally, I believe that if your skin looks good, then you are ready to face the world. A clear skin gives so much confidence and you walk and talk in such a way, without thinking "Is she looking at my zits?" We have all had those days, (Unless you were blessed with great skin!)

Today is Acne talk, and I really wanted to share my experience since I am currently experiencing really bad breakout, mostly because of my period. I was flaunting fantabulous skin, then the next day fine pimples starting running across my forehead and cheeks like mischievous children. They made their way to my chest and back, and for a day I was at my all time low. 

I learned natural ways/home remedies to clear up my skin, but there is not getting around period acne it seems. I changed my diet, and shared some great vegan lunch ideas, which you can read about Here. My skin really cleared up, the pesky pimples around my chin disappeared and those on my back and chest slowly faded, but something went wrong, and they found their way back.

I kept my skincare routine, and avoided adding anything new, because I wanted my skin to heal in its own time.  I dont have anything against make-up, but I choose to fix my flaws instead of hiding them. 

We should remember that if inside is not clean, then it will be harder to keep outside clear and beautiful. I can proudly say that water is the greatest liquid created,and if you are consistent, then you will see results.

Tips for great skin:

***Try the Chinese face mapping technique. It will indicate, using numbers, the areas where the acne are, and what might be causing the pimples there. Check out this website, BeautyGyspy to see what your acne is telling you.

1.Try a home-made Sugar Body Scrub. Follow this link and it will give you directions on how to make this easy, inexpensive scrub, plus it outlines all the amazing benefits!.

2. Drink at least eight glasses of water. You've probably heard this a thousand times, but the list of benefits of water goes a long way! A teacher told me once that if we see the way they make the drinks we love so much, we wouldn't drink them. That was enough to convince me to avoid high fructose corn syrup and other refined sugars.

3. Try drinking  Green Juice. Mix any fruits and vegetables of your choice and down your nutrients in one gulp. It will surely cleanse you inside and out.

4. Eat a healthy diet filled with fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy meats and Fats. I gave up meat, because my skin was just not handling it, but if don't see yourself going that way, then try going organic and choose Grass-fed meats without the extra hormones.

5. Exercise and make sure you sweat to release all those toxins! Yoga is great to help breathing, which inturn keeps you calm and stress free. Check out my Pinterest/Health Board to find Yoga routines and workout Ideas!

6. And finally! Smile! Stress only gives you more pesky pimples and the cycle simply continues.

I hope you will follow these tips, because they work for me. They are easy and in-expensive.

Until next time:

"Laugh as long as you breathe, love as long as you live" (Unknown)


Friday, December 12, 2014

The voice of pain

Heartbroken, lips puffy,

Tear drops soak through cotton, leaving permanent stains.

Key reluctantly pushed into the door of hell,

The rush of pain runs to her and grabs the throat

Suffocating the victim who only stares

Intoxicated and wounded.

Teeth marks outlined in the once smooth, innocent skin,

Pink lines gradually form, hiding the blue-green original lines.

Purple welts and bent head.

The red drops decorate white tiles,

Most are washed down the drain.

Mirrors banged,

Cries of hopelessness darken the white walls.

Prison like rooms with pink curtains.

Glass bottles along windowsills,

Empty and broken, sharp edges.

Dark circles like sunglasses

Expose the grief,

Nobody asks.

She lies on cold tiles

They step over,

She cries, it cracks the walls

They turn up the volume,

She screams and they brew coffee.

She’s finally silent,

And they sleep.

© Copyright 2014 Renee (UN: reneej at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.

**Depression is real and its not just being sad

Until next time
"Love as long as you breathe, laugh as long as you live" (Unknown)


Friday, November 28, 2014

The taste of Love (An excerpt)

Hello Everyone,

TGIF! I wrote this story a few months ago. I really felt close to the characters while I was writing, and so I hold this close to my heart. I really hope you will enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing.

The boy told me to meet him under the mango tree Sunday afternoon, when the sun was at its highest. I sat on the log and waved to every Tom, Dick and Harry while the pesky mosquitoes happily sucked the life from me. He was too much of a charmer to ignore. I giggled to myself as I remembered him leaning against the stone wall with a piece of dry grass in his mouth.


I was walking with a basket full of spices on my head. Sweat ran from my face, and my whole body felt wet and sticky. I knew my mother would be standing on the verandah with her neck sticking out, waiting impatiently. She would tell anybody willing to listen that “My head tough like rock, and she going knock me into God’s Kingdom”. He was laughing because I kept tripping over my own feet. I was hot with embarrassment and kept walking.  I heard the feet thumping behind me, chasing me, so I walked even faster.

“Hey girl, you drop the black pepper” I turned and faced his amused expression. I started blinking rapidly because the salty liquid pouring from my pores kept going in my eyes.

“Thanks” I couldn’t even hear my own response. It made me uncomfortable for a boy with such a lovely face to keep staring at me. It could be nothing more than the little bumps spread all over my face and my coarse unruly hair. My face has been terribly blackened by the sun, and my hips go out a little too far. I have met people quite unattractive, and stare at them with a smile still in place. I knew he was only being polite, and was quite intrigued by my unappealing features.

“Lemme buy you a drink nah, by old man Henry bar”

“No I’m not allowed in a bar, my mother would skin me” Maybe his friends were there, and wanted to take me along, to let them laugh me to scorn.

I walked away with the basket steady on my head. I knew he was staring at my bottom, and the sweaty dress clinging to my skin. I began fantasizing about being in the bar with a freshly washed face, cleansed thoroughly with river water and sipping on a soda out of a glass bottle, like a real woman. I envisioned myself in the sailor neck dress I wanted badly. He would compliment me, and maybe kiss me on the cheek. After wards we would go to the drive in and watch the pictures. “I hope he has a car” I said aloud.

Sure enough my mother was waiting. She was swatting the flies with the dirty kitchen rag and scaling fish.

“Afternoon ma’am” I said and placed the basket at her feet.

“Hello lady”

“Going to take a bath”

She didn’t reply.

Later that evening I powdered myself for evening choir. The moonlight guided my steps on the rocky, dusty road. Lizards croaked in the distance, and the crickets began their chatter. I heard a giggle in the dark corner, where the ruthless boys and girls did their evil. They shuffled around in the tall grass, and I blocked their sounds and hummed an old hymn.

I heard singing in the church and walked briskly. Mrs. Jones deaf singing could be heard from a mile away. I tried to muffle the laugh as I walked up the steps into the large church. It smelt of polish, and I rubbed my nose. The benches were wiped clean for tomorrow, and the pastor’s chair (throne, I beg your pardon) shone brightly in the dim candlelight.

“Again” Miss Williams the choir director told the singing group. I slipped in the back row because I was late, and mumbled the lyrics because the boy occupied my attention.

“Matilda come to the front” She pointed at me with disapproval in her tone. I was sure she had already put together a story to tell my mother. I stood at the front and tried to join in, but the enthusiasm was not there. I only imagined myself in the sailor collar sipping soda.

The next day after church, I walked beside my mother and another church sister talking about the new generation. She was explaining that I did nothing, and if we had a television set the Devil would need nothing else to take me in his sinful arms. They laughed, and I lagged behind fanning myself with the hat. Young boys chattered noisily in the mango trees, throwing the succulent fruit to the ones on the ground, their backs arched and head high, being careful not to miss a catch.

My mother stopped at the old lady who sold coconut drops to talk. We were going to be there for a while, so I sat on the large stone that has gotten quite use to my bottom on Sunday afternoons. I watched as the one dangly tooth jiggled every time the old woman laughed. They shared the same stories, and my mother held her back each time she let out a cackle. A few other church sisters joined and it became a noisy after church gathering. There was no mention of God’s word that they revered, and held close to their heart. I overheard the whisper about Miss Lawson’s pregnant teenage daughter, and how no one knew if the daddy was around.

I was about to rest my head in my lap when I saw the boy walking towards the stall. I subconsciously wiped the sweat and straightened my dress. I pretended to look elsewhere, hoping that he wouldn’t see me. A couple girls walked past and giggled to each other, while stealing glances at the new handsome boy.  A cigarette rested on his ear, and he wore cut off khakis and an unbuttoned shirt. The sweat glistened on his chest, and when he ran his fingers through his curls, places ached and throbbed that have never hurt before.

“Afternoon ladies” His accent was a town one, and my mother looked excited. She placed her hands on her hips in a sassy way, and pursed her lips. “Afternoon young man” She replied, placing emphasis on the man. He paused when he saw me and my mother blatantly told him “Order what you want boy” with a sharpness in her voice. She turned to face me, and I directed my gaze to the boys under the mango tree.

He gave me a final stare and walked away. My mother pointed at me with fire in her eyes that if I bring home baby, me and my trunk will taste dust. I gazed at him under my hat. He shook hands with some boys leaning against a tree, and kept turning to look at me.  I felt moisture in new places that afternoon.

It was a rainy September, two months since I saw the boy. I was standing under Henry’s bar with my bag straining my shoulder. At two in the afternoon, drunken cane cutters stumbled out of the bar, some fell face down in the rain. I watched the water fall from the sky and quench the Earth’s thirst. A few of my other school mates leaned against the wall with me. We silently waited from the rain to stop showering, because the smell of alcohol stung. We wiped our noses and rubbed sleepy eyes. I kept my eyes open, in case a church sister happened to be passing. It wouldn’t matter if she decided to take shelter under the bar; I would be the only one sinning.

Saturday afternoon I went to pick up fresh spices for my mother. The boy was leaning against the stone wall and blowing cigarette smoke into the cool air. He stood straight when he saw me and crushed the cigarette under his shoe.

“You need help” He commanded, I didn’t know why my feet wouldn’t move. He took the basket off my head. He smelt like cigarette and nature. He stood so close that I could see the little hairs on his face, and stains on his teeth.

“Thanks.” I mumbled

“Anytime Miss Matilda.”

“How you know my name?” I was shocked and a little amused.

“Small town.”

We walked in silence and I kept looking around because I feared seeing anyone who might not agree with me walking with a boy.  I stared at his shoes; they were scuffed and beautiful like him. He gently swung the basket and kept glancing at me.  I felt hot in the cool September, and tried desperately to hide my smile. He stopped at my gate, my mother wasn’t outside, and I breathed a sigh of relief. He handed me the basket, and held on to my wrist.

“Meet me under the mango tree tomorrow, when the sun high” He wasn’t even asking me. I felt as though God was finally answering my prayers. My knees would no longer be rough from kneeling too long, nor won’t my heart ache for knowing what the opposite sex was like. I planned in my mind what dress I would wear and what I would smell like. I jotted carefully in my mind what type of illness I would fake, and prayed that God would forgive me for the evil I was about to commit.

My mother was sitting on her high bed when I walked in. Her room smelt like oils and her Bible sat comfortably on her pillow. Her head was tied, and she seemed quite content  in her night dress with her eyes closed. She was humming a hymn, so I knew it was reflection time. I tip toed to my quarters.

I was nervous that night, but she didn’t seem to notice my odd behaviour. My mother with the keen eyes and sharp ears didn’t feel my shaking legs, and how the fork would clatter against the plate, sending a loud, aching noise through the quiet house.

I listened to her in the early morning shuffling about her room. I heard the occasional bang of the wardrobe door, and the soothing sound of old hymns from the radio. The children’s programme was about to come on, and at seventeen I was still expected to listen to it. I waited for the call, and at the appropriate time I began squirming in my bed. I held my head and moaned. She opened the door and peered in curiously at me.

“You okay Lady Matilda?”

“No ma’am” I groaned, trying my best to frown and wiggle. She placed a cold rag over my head and rubbed me with the pungent bay rum.

“Best you stay home and rest” She sighed, and I heard clearly the disappointment of me missing church. I could see the gathering and my mother expressing how the Devil work hard… hard on Sunday.

The noon sun seemed as though it had forgotten and took a long to come. I hauled my best dress over my head and sprayed some my mother’s special occasion perfume on my neck.  The sun blazed and burned the back of my neck as I walked to the mango tree.  He wasn’t there and immediately I regretted skipping church. I sat and waved at those who didn’t bother with church. No one seemed to mind that I wasn’t in step with my mother and my oversized church hat covering my face.

I was fidgeting on the log, because my bottom was itching from sitting too long. I saw the figure in the distance, and knew that my new adventure and the long awaited experience was about to begin. Beads of perspiration formed a line around his hairline. He smelt manly of sweat and perfume.

“Whew, the sun” He smiled politely. I returned the gesture and made space for him on a log. We sat in silence until finally I perked up the courage to speak.

“What’s your name?”



We laughed.

© Copyright 2014 Renee (UN: reneej at Writing.Com). All rights reserved. 

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Until next time,

"Love as long as you breathe, laugh as long as you live"
Cheers Renee'

Friday, November 21, 2014

It gets hard sometimes

It is so hard when you thought that you did a good job on an assignment, and feel the weight of disappointment when you receive an unsatisfactory grade. This week I was allowed to express myself in a creative manner, an exercise that I have been yearning for ever since I started University. I wrote a feature story on an elderly lady ( I might share it after I read through the comments while cringing). She announced the name of the person who did the best work, and when I didn't hear my name, my heart literally sank. During that moment, I threw my dreams of becoming an author out the window, because I didn't feel as though I was good enough. It gets hard, and I have been told on many occasions that rejection and the words "No" and "Not what we want" are sometimes the hardest to read  or hear. After that class, as simple as it sounds, I wanted to stay in a dark room, but that will not help, so I dragged on. 

This week I lost the motivation to do any work. I wanted someone to make me laugh, and a shoulder to lean on. I desperately needed someone to talk to, but I could not manage to see lost eyes, and confused expressions. Many people find it hard to understand certain dreams, and many do not get the passion that a dreamer has. I am quite young, but I believe that as long as I can write, I should, it doesn't matter the age. Disappointment is a hard pill to swallow, and to be honest, I still have not gotten my drive back. I am still moaning a bit, and trying to get back to my old self. I realized that it took only one experience to tear me apart, and I learnt that I should be tougher, because this was so small compared to big, bad world I am about to venture into.

I am just trying to give a bit of encouragement to everyone. I want people to understand that we are humans and we are allowed to get sad, but at the same time, "Do not weep as those who have no hope." We are not sure of the future, and how good or bad it will be, but while we work and wait, remember "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Sit a little and analyse the situation, but please remember not to sit for too long and glue your bottom to a chair that's going nowhere.

Until next time,
"Laugh as long as you breathe, love as long as you live" (Unknown)


Friday, November 14, 2014

Thirsty Soul (An excerpt)


I welcomed the boom of the thunder like vodka warming my insides. The palm trees rustle and hit my glass window every few seconds, begging me to be mesmerized at the grass, wet with the rain’s kisses. Darkness seems so beautiful, as it permeates  the sky. The mist glides slowly across the high, majestic mountains, brown and green, creating a beautiful contrast. The cool breeze slowly reach under my shirt, and caress my skin, stroking its long fingers across my stomach. I smile, in two long months I finally smile.

Call me strange, but I prefer the dark skies and sound of rain hitting the sunburnt leaves. I breathe in the scent of the liquid falling from the Heavens on the Earth, lighting up my room with the sweet aroma of nature.  The sun has the ability to expose emotions that I am willing to hide.  The puffy clouds remind me too much of a children’s TV show, and the blue sky is a little too friendly for my grim expression and anti-social attitude.


I was never the typical girl, my mother named me Lucy. A name for a girl who loves pink and tiaras. I wore ripped jeans and scaled from tree to tree, doing my best jungle boy impersonation. I preferred black, while excited mothers ran their fingers along yellow sunshine dresses for prom. I tore mine, and exposed a little more than my mother wanted. She curled her lips, making her face appear deformed, and folded her arms across her chest. We stared at each other, until the tears started falling miserably from her old, baggy eyes.

At sixteen I left, not in body, but mind. We communicated in mumbles, and roamed through the house at night like ghosts. My skin was pale, almost translucent; but Jason, my first boyfriend didn't mind running his fingers inside my underwear, or kissing the spots where the moon shone. I felt the moisture from my mother’s eyes seep through the walls.

I could sense that she was pressed against the wall in her room, as usual and her broken spirit stood in front of me. I lay naked with the boy, watching the steady motion of his chest. I would blow the smoke from my cigarette towards the wall, reminding her that I haven’t changed.

He would leave me, cold and unclothed under the sheets, never bothering to kiss my cheeks or smell my hair. He often closed the door without respect, which made me jerk, coming back whenever he chose, whether the day after or weeks. Jason ditched me, after he saw us in the light one day. He witnessed our hatred and grew distant and afraid of my heartlessness. I got paler and my hair darker.

My mother grew weaker with stress, and I witnessed her dying every day. Her lips sealed and her eyes concentrated on the ceiling, until it was night and she closed her eyes, grateful to forget me and the world for a few hours.

When she finally left, I drank all the liquor in her cabinet, and forced myself to sob in front of strangers. I ran my hands through her Givenchy and Lanvin, and took her Louis Vuitton, stuffing them in my overnight bag. I left her house, not even bothering with the legal issues. I walked and kicked the dust on my boots and on my jeans, humming to myself. Her expensive scent seeped through the closed bag, until it appeared as though her hands were gripping my neck. I threw the dress from my bag, and walked on, humming and keeping the image of my mother in my head.

“Lucy” a voice questioningly called to me in a far away city one day. I thought I had left Wisconsin behind.

© Copyright 2014 Renee (UN: reneej at Writing.Com). All rights reserved. 

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Until Next time:
"Love as long as you breathe, laugh as long as you live.


Friday, November 7, 2014

Vegan Bean Dish :)

It has been so HARD  to eat on campus these days. I spend all day at school, so I need a more filling type of  lunch to keep me throughout the day (cause I don't want to overeat :/ ) I have tried basically everything that my University has to offer. There are vegetarian options, but if it doesn't have milk, it has eggs, so you see how difficult it can get. Food stores or Delis don't usually cater for people like me, because the general population is all about Meat and pastas or rice (which I eat, but rice with what?). 

There is a particular canteen with vegetarian options on their menu, but ever since my friend told me about the Chinese restaurant that used the Pork spoon to serve the chicken (she doesn't eat Pork) I have been sceptical about eating out. Many people who do not understand this lifestyle often tell me to turn a blind eye, but for me, my life is serious business, and I'm not about to mess it up.I love my life choices right now and I choose to be strict about it.

I used to visit a popular patty joint (a pastry with meat filling, I get soy), but the food is so greasy that I have been getting tiny pimples all over my forehead, and since late my skin is looking greasy ( My Aloe Vera Gel has been solving that problem :)....So I decided to go back to my roots and cook my own food. I stopped for awhile because the Microwave at school broke down :/ but I am on again!!! I have decided to share this delicious and filling Bean dish because I feel like the world should know about this healthy, quick and easy recipe.

1 tin Butter Beans
1 cup Rice (you can use any type, I chose white. I know, not the best choice)
1 Green/Red Bell pepper
1/2 Onion
3 Cloves Garlic
1tbsp Olive Oil

Cook Rice by using a rice cooker or a sauce pan
Drain water from Butter Beans
Saute Onion, sliced Bell Pepper and Garlic in Olive oil until tender
Add Beans, stirring lightly for 1 Minute (Don't want to mash beans since they are already cooked)
Pour over Rice and enjoy
Serves 2

I hope you tried this and enjoyed it. Until next time:

"Laugh as long as you breathe, love as long as you live"


Monday, October 27, 2014

Blue Skies

Hello Everyone,

I thought I might just do another reflection today, since I love it so much, and really want everyone to experience the world through my eyes, a beautiful world. It's been hard to just sit and pen my feelings, which is making my writing suffer. I haven't written a story since August,and while many might say"That's not a long time", it's really long for someone who loves writing stories like myself. I decided to title this Blog post "Blue Skies", simply because I was looking through my window and saw how majestic the mountains looked,how the clouds sit comfortably between the hills, and the soft, beautiful sound of the Birds. What really caught my attention was the clean, light Blue blanket above us. The white pillows  sit gently, and I could only breathe deeply and enjoy the scene.

It's so funny how simple things in life can make us feel so happy and rested. This week my Facebook and Twitter feed was flooded with news of Ebola, and some disturbing jokes about the highly infectious and deadly disease. Although this is as real as the hand I'm typing with, I wanted an escape from all that bad news, and so I turned off my computer and rolled on my side to gaze at the sky. Many may not have the Mountains to look at, but if you look up, then you will see the Blue, even if it's just a glimpse. Maybe you can take a walk to the nearest park, and just observe, you might see things that you might have passed while you were speedily walking to work, driving or seeing the skies through Instagram. Next time, remind yourself that it is real, and is right above you.

It never gets old for me to snap a few pictures while I gaze, because it's comforting to look at them while the Rain angrily beats the Earth, and the skies are Grey, which makes me a bit sad :)

I hope you enjoyed this and until next time:

"Love as Long as you breathe,laugh as long as you live" (Unknown)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Autumn Bundling :)

Hello :)

I hope you are having a wonderful time in whichever part of the world you are. Today I decided to share some of my personal favourites for the Autumn season. It is cold in the hills and we have to start taking out our blankets and pulling on our socks and sweaters. I am not complaining.

 I personally like the colder season, as I have mentioned a few times on this Blog. Enjoy these, and I hope they will inspire you, especially if you don't like when it gets a bit chilly.

  • Skincare:

My skin gets a bit dry during the colder seasons, so I have to use thicker creams. I use my soap right throughout the year because It just works better for me, and I still manage to keep my face moisturised, probably because it has Shea Butter.

Moisturizers: Aloe Vera Gel ( Any brand works) And Dermisa Skin Renewal and Protective Treatment


**A very simple daily skincare routine and just as effective :)

Body Lotion: Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lotion (This works wonders!). It is extremely moisturizing and penetrates the layers of the skin, like it promises!

  • Food:

Apart from my regular vegetarian meals (which you can find on this site). I enjoy cocoa with soy milk on cold mornings and nights

2 tbsp Unsweetened Cocoa powder
Soy milk (Any milk of your choice)
Fill the mug with milk and add Cocoa, stir well

  • Clothes:

Leggings, sweaters, Jeans and long sleeved shirts all work well for me during the cold times. Visit my Pinterest Profile to view some Ideas.

  • Hair:

When it gets cold, my hair tends to limp and look lifeless. To avoid wearing a boring bun everyday, I try not to use too much hair products that will make it easy for my hair to look like a hot mess. For me, less is definitely more!

  • Comfort:

During Autumn, it rains frequently, so on those days when I am not at school, I like to curl up in bed with my big blanket and basically listen to the soothing sound of the rain and watch the drops hit in the Earth.

I hope these were helpful for you, this is my routine for Autumn, enjoy :)

Until next time:

"Love as long as you live, laugh as long as you breathe" (Unknown)



Friday, October 3, 2014

A Recap of my week :)


My week was quite uneventful, I had assignments to plan and edit everyday and barely had time for myself. I was so exhausted that I found myself sleeping at 7 pm every night, and I would wake up at 10 and feel so tired as though I didn't get any rest a few hours ago. I am so happy though for the few gaps I have in between classes to chill and have a lil chat with my friends. It can really help to just talk with someone after staring at your computer screen for hours trying to find answers and understand those bloody essay questions. I am also happy for my sister who is only 2 years older than me, and the fact that we share the same interests. I look forward to our nightly conversations and her jokes :D. 

What I ate:

I basically ate crackers, fish nuggets and sweet peppers everyday because it was that good, now I cant even look at the crackers :/

What I read:

The prescribed texts for my courses which was quite boring, but a few chapters made me laugh and actually felt interested in pushing harder.

What did I listen to? (on repeat):

Don't: Ed Sheeran

Cool Kids: Echosmith

All about that Bass: Meghan Trainor

Where did I go:

School of course, but I got a bit of excitement on Thursday night which was the Annual Observer( A Jamaican newspaper) Take style out event. Every year, the stores offer great bargains for 5 hours between 5 and 10 pm. This year there were street dancers which made it even more exciting. I was a bit disappointed at some of the sales as we were basically paying the original price.


My friend celebrated his 25th birthday. The crew gave him a cake and sang him Happy Birthday which almost brought him to tears! :)

My week wasnt so eventful, but I enjoyed some days, especially the ones where I got to put my feet up and just laugh. I hope you all had an amazing week, and until next time:

"Love as long as you live, laugh as long as you breathe" (unknown)


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vegan lunch Ideas!

I'm not vegan, but the only food I need to eliminate from my diet is fish and I will be there! I don't think I am going to do it right now, since I am in college and barely have any time to prepare meals for myself. I am so grateful that my mother cooks, so I come home to a meal , this saves me so much time to work on the assignments that keep adding to the pile. Today I thought I might share some vegan lunch ideas with you guys. I am limited when it comes to lunch options at school, because everybody loves meat where I go to school :)

These are really simple and takes about 20 mins if you have to cook, but they are really tasty and will keep you full right throughout the day. I have four hours of classes on Tuesdays before I get a break, and by that time I am famished, so it is  convenient to take my own lunch and have it whenever I please. As usual most of my ideas came from the lovely Pinterest. I hope these will help, because they work so well for me, which is why I was excited to share.

1. Tofu Sandwich

3 slices Wheat Bread

1 Package Tofu

1 Tomato

3 Onion rings


Season Tofu overnight, as this allows the flavours to penetrate and makes it really yummy :)
Bake, fry or grill tofu
Cut however thick or thin you like
Place lettuce on Bread
Add Tofu, Onion rings and Tomato

2. Pasta with tomato sauce

1 pack pasta (I use veggie/organic pasta)
1 small can Tomato sauce
1 tbsp olive oil
2 cloves Garlic
1/2 Onion
1/2 Bell pepper/ Hot pepper
1 tsp salt
skillet/ frying pan
sauce pan

Add salt to water and leave to boil
Add pasta to boiling water and let cook until tender
Drain water and let pasta sit
Saute chopped onion, garlic, pepper to olive oil for two minutes
pour pasta on top and stir until everything is combined
Pour into bowl and mix in tomato sauce.

3. Beans and Rice

1 can chick peas/ Garbanzo ( you can use any bean of your choice)
1 bell pepper
1 onion
1 tbsp salt
 1 cup Coconut milk
2 tbsp curry powder
pepper to taste
1 pound brown rice

Sauté curry powder,bell pepper and onion
pour coconut milk until you achieve a thick consistency, turn down flame and allow to simmer
Add beans and simmer for 5 minutes

Add washed brown rice to boiling water ( water should be just above the rice)
Turn down flame as soon as the water evaporates
Cook until grains are tender

Pour beans over hot rice and enjoy!

4. Fruit smoothie

1 banana
1 apple
1 strawberry/ Kiwi (strawberries are not readily available in my country)
1 Orange

Blend using the liquefy option and enjoy with some crackers and peanut butter, or any spread of your choice!

Snacks in-between can include:

A fruit (go for Bananas or a fruit bowl)

Crackers with spreads or dips

Baked chips (Sweet Potato, Plantain, Bananas,Kale)

Granola Bar (I prefer homemade)

Butter free popcorn

Baked seeds (my favourite is pumpkin)

Until next time:
"Laugh as long as you breathe, love as long as you live"


Monday, September 22, 2014

Take a Breather!

(view from my home)

Greetings Everyone!

Today is a day of reflection. After making notes for my test tomorrow, and assignments I had to catch up with, I decided to take a break to write (My favourite thing to do!) I live in the hills, and it gets really cool and beautiful during this season. In the Caribbean, our leaves don't usually turn golden, nor do we wear boots and long sleeved shirts everyday, because It still gets hot. I opened my window and decided to take a gaze, and I had absolutely no idea that I would get chills down my spine. I love nature, and I am the type of person who will stand and watch the sun turn a beautiful pink, until it gives it's final bow, leaving us in darkness. I love the moon too, that pale light shining through my glass window looks so beautiful and content against the dark sky, and twinkling stars.

I realized today the importance of taking a little time out of our hectic days to just observe the natural beauty. If you are not lucky to have a wonderful view all day, then take a drive to the nearest spot and just relax. Life can take a toll, and if we are not careful then one day we might just crash. The average person can't just getaway to another country when stress takes over, so enjoy the free getaway that was gifted to us. Take a long concentrated breath as the wind pass through your hair, and softly caress your skin. 

If you're the type that gets bored by just standing and gazing, then make an adventure, A memorable one. Take a hike and stand on top of a hill with your eyes closed or race with your friends then bond over a fire while eating your favourite snacks. I personally don't enjoy parties because I never really get to talk and catch up with my friends. The alcohol makes everyone act crazy and they don't even remember the night, which is a little heartbreaking to me, because I love sitting years later and talking about a fun day or dinner date. (mind you, drunk friends do make great jokes ;).

One thing we need to learn is to turn off the cellphones, even for an hour, and listen to your own thoughts (not the negative ones) or maybe read a book. I don't listen to audio books any more, because I end up scrolling through Instagram or start a conversation with a friend without even remembering the last word the reader said. Instead I get my good ole' paperback and curl up in bed. We really need to stop moving our thumbs sometimes and just let our minds rest.

Life is short, so cherish it and I hope that someone will take my suggestions, and it will make their day. Have hope that everything will be okay. Don't stress and frown (it causes wrinkles).

                        I try to see the sunrise every morning, such a refreshing feeling!

                               Rain one afternoon

                                    So happy for the rain after a HOT, dry summer

                                                   The wonderful view!

***I took these pictures

Until next time!
"Laugh as long as you breathe, love as long as you live"


Friday, September 5, 2014

Inside out (Green Juice)

(Found on Google Images)

Many women and men want the radiant skin promised by products. It's almost impossible to ignore the beautiful women with glowing skin in commercials. These beautifully packaged face washes and moisterizers promise so much, and honestly we may never get the results. There are those who are gifted with great skin, and others who have to work hard to maintain clear skin (I raise my hand). I went through the phase where I bought everything that guaranteed clear, even tone skin; Some of these products are still standing on my bathroom shelves.

I realized that the excessive washing, scrubbing and disinfecting was not working, and I decided to try drinking more water; It worked! and in two weeks the stubborn forehead and chin pimples were gone. I fall off the health train sometimes and succumb to my fries craving, which only cause more chin pimples. But I try to control myself and maintain a healthy diet. I can't avoid the pimples around that time of the month, but with this AWESOME green juice recipe, I keep my acne at bay. I hope you enjoy my recipe, it was inspired by some I found on Pinterest. You can change any of the ingredients according to your liking.

What you will need:



Straw (optional)

3 Stalks Callaloo ( Im not sure if this is popular in every country) / Try 2 cups of Kale if this is not available.

1 Cucumber

2 Tablespoons Lemon/ Lime Juice

1 Banana (for sweetness)

1/2 Ginger crushed


1/4 Cup water ( You can use Coconut Water if you like. Make sure it is all natural)

Use the smoothie or Liquefy option or your blender. And if you are fancier and have a Blendtec, just go ahead and blend. These are more on the pricier side.

You will feel great inside and out. Remember, if you want to look good on the outside, then start caring for your body base on what you consume. I do this every time I eat too much Junk food and feel terrible. It gives me more energy, and makes me feel lighter. You can switch up the ingredients however you like. There are many recipes all over the internet. Having fun while eating healthy makes it easier. 

Until next time:

"Laugh as much as you breathe, and Love as long as you live"



Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Writer's heart

Welcome back to my blog!. For the new readers, I created this blog to share my life with people who might have the same interests. It includes everything I love: Healthy foods, clothes, fitness and of course writing. I started writing as a hobby, but realized that it was apart of me. I make up stories in my head all the time; those who don't know me well often think I am quiet and a loner. The truth is, I observe; I pay close attention to my surroundings and people, which has helped to to steer clear of dangerous "friends". This soon began reflecting in my work, and I enjoy every moment of it. 

Growing up I thought I wanted to be a lawyer, but I love nothing about the Law. It was just the most respectable profession I could think of that included my love for reading. My dream is to become an Author, and of course I day dream of making it big someday. But I am  being realistic these days, and it is indeed a jungle out there. My friend once told me that it takes ten years to perfect a skill or talent, but I believe it takes your whole life. I am learning everyday, I meet the good, bad and those in between and if one is not strong you will break. I am nowhere near the finish line, I think I have just begun. I pray that I will make it someday, and my work will pay off. So for those who are about to give up, dont Because right as you close the door, you might  close an opportunity as well. 

Until next time:

"Love as long as you live, laugh as long as you breathe"

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Never stop writing! #quotes

Sunday, July 6, 2014

DIY Body Scrub!

Have clear, smooth skin with this easy DIY Body Scrub!!


This scrub is great for both the body and the face. However I only use it on my body because my face is sensitive. I use this scrub every week and have seen great results. Be patient and don't expect results overnight, especially if you have acne. Enjoy!!

Preparation Time: 3 mins

1/2 cup Brown Sugar
1/2 Lime/ Lemon
1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar ( optional)
1 tsp Olive oil

Combine in a container until the mixture is thick
Apply scrub to the body, starting from the feet all the way to the neck (gently). Rub in circular motions for 5 mins.
Rinse with lukewarm water
Apply lotion if desired

Smooth, glowing Skin!

*** The sugar is a great exfoliator
***Apple Cider Vinegar helps to clear acne and acne marks,  it also prevents future breakouts
*** Olive Oil is a great natural moisturizer. Has Vitamin E and is known for its anti-aging properties!
***Lime and Lemon helps to fade marks on the skin, also helps to even out skin tone.

Until next time, enjoy life :D

Saturday, June 21, 2014

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Here is an excerpt from my latest post

"Darkness creeps over the hills too soon 

And lull the half-tired to a deep snore

Until there comes the sun glowing pink through sheer curtains that hang there all year round

And greet the sleeper with the harmony of bees

The quiet makes you write and write

Until Friday eve and time for prayers, 

Creativity paused as we walk down bumpy roads and greet those leaning on walls, smirking at your flesh

The scent of smoke from black lips drive your thoughts to foreign places

And heightens hope for new things undiscovered

Words misused, laughs not real, reach up to the trees dancing in the cool afternoon breeze

Feet padding lightly on cool dirt moistened with travellers

Toes dipped in cool waters fanned by God, only found here that makes you breathe

Heads thrown back, dark gums exposed to the all year sun"

© Copyright 2014 Gillian (UN: reneej at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.