Saturday, June 21, 2014

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Hello Everyone
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Here is an excerpt from my latest post

"Darkness creeps over the hills too soon 

And lull the half-tired to a deep snore

Until there comes the sun glowing pink through sheer curtains that hang there all year round

And greet the sleeper with the harmony of bees

The quiet makes you write and write

Until Friday eve and time for prayers, 

Creativity paused as we walk down bumpy roads and greet those leaning on walls, smirking at your flesh

The scent of smoke from black lips drive your thoughts to foreign places

And heightens hope for new things undiscovered

Words misused, laughs not real, reach up to the trees dancing in the cool afternoon breeze

Feet padding lightly on cool dirt moistened with travellers

Toes dipped in cool waters fanned by God, only found here that makes you breathe

Heads thrown back, dark gums exposed to the all year sun"

© Copyright 2014 Gillian (UN: reneej at Writing.Com). All rights reserved. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Vegetarian Diet

Hello Everybody!

I get questions from friends and families all the time about my lifestyle. I decided to change the way I ate and treated my body when I was about sixteen. I was inspired by Dr.Oz while watching The Oprah show one evening. It all began with drinking water and I saw my troublesome acne disappear, then I began working out and felt so good!. Recently I decided to give up meat and animal by-products (I still eat fish). The results have been amazing.

Firstly my skin has cleared up nicely
It easier for me to maintain a healthy weight
I have more energy and definitely feel happier

Here is a sample of what a meal plan for me looks like


Granola with soy milk

Vegetable Loaf

Mid-Afternoon snack
Any fruit

Green Vegetables

I still eat Junk, but only occasionally, which I am trying to stop completely (especially French fries)
This diet can be hard and It takes discipline, but I focus on the care that I am giving to my body. Try to get creative with dishes and make sure you are making up for important nutrients like calcium and protein. Below are a few websites that may offer help if you decide to try this diet.

oh my veggies

Choose Veg

Vegan Outreach


Vegetarian Dishes on Pinterest