Monday, October 27, 2014

Blue Skies

Hello Everyone,

I thought I might just do another reflection today, since I love it so much, and really want everyone to experience the world through my eyes, a beautiful world. It's been hard to just sit and pen my feelings, which is making my writing suffer. I haven't written a story since August,and while many might say"That's not a long time", it's really long for someone who loves writing stories like myself. I decided to title this Blog post "Blue Skies", simply because I was looking through my window and saw how majestic the mountains looked,how the clouds sit comfortably between the hills, and the soft, beautiful sound of the Birds. What really caught my attention was the clean, light Blue blanket above us. The white pillows  sit gently, and I could only breathe deeply and enjoy the scene.

It's so funny how simple things in life can make us feel so happy and rested. This week my Facebook and Twitter feed was flooded with news of Ebola, and some disturbing jokes about the highly infectious and deadly disease. Although this is as real as the hand I'm typing with, I wanted an escape from all that bad news, and so I turned off my computer and rolled on my side to gaze at the sky. Many may not have the Mountains to look at, but if you look up, then you will see the Blue, even if it's just a glimpse. Maybe you can take a walk to the nearest park, and just observe, you might see things that you might have passed while you were speedily walking to work, driving or seeing the skies through Instagram. Next time, remind yourself that it is real, and is right above you.

It never gets old for me to snap a few pictures while I gaze, because it's comforting to look at them while the Rain angrily beats the Earth, and the skies are Grey, which makes me a bit sad :)

I hope you enjoyed this and until next time:

"Love as Long as you breathe,laugh as long as you live" (Unknown)

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