Friday, February 5, 2016

One blood

The war continues to rage, feelings get hurt and lives are lost. We see the need to end the war between races, the discrimination and the turmoil that continues to plague the  world. I have watched the "I have a dream" speech many times, and each time my heart ached as Martin Luther King Jnr spoke with  much conviction, I stare into his passionate eyes and listen to his voice tremble across the land, and for a while I see the hope blaze and the strength revived in the audience.

And somehow, in 2016, we have to search his name and the speech because the energy is running low. As the topic states "One blood,"  note I am not speaking of the  blood draining through our African, Indian, Asian and white brothers, it is the blood of the black man. I am in no way trying to be bias by focusing on my own, as you read, right now I am not proud of my race, there is a sense of hypocrisy among us; we stand up with cards with words written with our own blood, tears flowing uncontrollably down our faces as we  yell "Black lives Matter," but we cease to forget that you should clean your home because you try to clean anybody else's. 

The black community is separated, browse through the social media platforms, and  the shades of black are viciously fighting against each other, and we never stop blaming slavery for our mentality, but there comes a time when we have to STOP.  We rally for our brothers who are gunned down and taunted, and we feel a sense of unity because we lost one of our own, then its dead after awhile and some of us forget that anything happened and go back to tormenting our own with our words. We create Instagram pages, decorated with the ideal beauty and nasty hashtags for  those we deem unfit. 

The hierarchy never seems to stop growing and the lightskin and darkskin trend continues. We are all black, but yet between these groups we eat, sleep and smile differently. I have never been more ashamed of our poisoned minds and myopic thinking. We want freedom from our oppressors, without even knowing that we need freedom from our own thinking. Marcus Garvey said "Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but our selves can free our mind." but as they say, easier said than done. 

I can't understand and will never know how we say we our lives matter when we can't even live as one in unity. There is no light skin, dark skin and brown skin race, we are all black and the same stereotypes are attached to us, the same hate is directed towards all of us, and most importantly,the same blood runs through our veins.