Friday, October 3, 2014

A Recap of my week :)


My week was quite uneventful, I had assignments to plan and edit everyday and barely had time for myself. I was so exhausted that I found myself sleeping at 7 pm every night, and I would wake up at 10 and feel so tired as though I didn't get any rest a few hours ago. I am so happy though for the few gaps I have in between classes to chill and have a lil chat with my friends. It can really help to just talk with someone after staring at your computer screen for hours trying to find answers and understand those bloody essay questions. I am also happy for my sister who is only 2 years older than me, and the fact that we share the same interests. I look forward to our nightly conversations and her jokes :D. 

What I ate:

I basically ate crackers, fish nuggets and sweet peppers everyday because it was that good, now I cant even look at the crackers :/

What I read:

The prescribed texts for my courses which was quite boring, but a few chapters made me laugh and actually felt interested in pushing harder.

What did I listen to? (on repeat):

Don't: Ed Sheeran

Cool Kids: Echosmith

All about that Bass: Meghan Trainor

Where did I go:

School of course, but I got a bit of excitement on Thursday night which was the Annual Observer( A Jamaican newspaper) Take style out event. Every year, the stores offer great bargains for 5 hours between 5 and 10 pm. This year there were street dancers which made it even more exciting. I was a bit disappointed at some of the sales as we were basically paying the original price.


My friend celebrated his 25th birthday. The crew gave him a cake and sang him Happy Birthday which almost brought him to tears! :)

My week wasnt so eventful, but I enjoyed some days, especially the ones where I got to put my feet up and just laugh. I hope you all had an amazing week, and until next time:

"Love as long as you live, laugh as long as you breathe" (unknown)


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