Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vegan lunch Ideas!

I'm not vegan, but the only food I need to eliminate from my diet is fish and I will be there! I don't think I am going to do it right now, since I am in college and barely have any time to prepare meals for myself. I am so grateful that my mother cooks, so I come home to a meal , this saves me so much time to work on the assignments that keep adding to the pile. Today I thought I might share some vegan lunch ideas with you guys. I am limited when it comes to lunch options at school, because everybody loves meat where I go to school :)

These are really simple and takes about 20 mins if you have to cook, but they are really tasty and will keep you full right throughout the day. I have four hours of classes on Tuesdays before I get a break, and by that time I am famished, so it is  convenient to take my own lunch and have it whenever I please. As usual most of my ideas came from the lovely Pinterest. I hope these will help, because they work so well for me, which is why I was excited to share.

1. Tofu Sandwich

3 slices Wheat Bread

1 Package Tofu

1 Tomato

3 Onion rings


Season Tofu overnight, as this allows the flavours to penetrate and makes it really yummy :)
Bake, fry or grill tofu
Cut however thick or thin you like
Place lettuce on Bread
Add Tofu, Onion rings and Tomato

2. Pasta with tomato sauce

1 pack pasta (I use veggie/organic pasta)
1 small can Tomato sauce
1 tbsp olive oil
2 cloves Garlic
1/2 Onion
1/2 Bell pepper/ Hot pepper
1 tsp salt
skillet/ frying pan
sauce pan

Add salt to water and leave to boil
Add pasta to boiling water and let cook until tender
Drain water and let pasta sit
Saute chopped onion, garlic, pepper to olive oil for two minutes
pour pasta on top and stir until everything is combined
Pour into bowl and mix in tomato sauce.

3. Beans and Rice

1 can chick peas/ Garbanzo ( you can use any bean of your choice)
1 bell pepper
1 onion
1 tbsp salt
 1 cup Coconut milk
2 tbsp curry powder
pepper to taste
1 pound brown rice

Sauté curry powder,bell pepper and onion
pour coconut milk until you achieve a thick consistency, turn down flame and allow to simmer
Add beans and simmer for 5 minutes

Add washed brown rice to boiling water ( water should be just above the rice)
Turn down flame as soon as the water evaporates
Cook until grains are tender

Pour beans over hot rice and enjoy!

4. Fruit smoothie

1 banana
1 apple
1 strawberry/ Kiwi (strawberries are not readily available in my country)
1 Orange

Blend using the liquefy option and enjoy with some crackers and peanut butter, or any spread of your choice!

Snacks in-between can include:

A fruit (go for Bananas or a fruit bowl)

Crackers with spreads or dips

Baked chips (Sweet Potato, Plantain, Bananas,Kale)

Granola Bar (I prefer homemade)

Butter free popcorn

Baked seeds (my favourite is pumpkin)

Until next time:
"Laugh as long as you breathe, love as long as you live"


Monday, September 22, 2014

Take a Breather!

(view from my home)

Greetings Everyone!

Today is a day of reflection. After making notes for my test tomorrow, and assignments I had to catch up with, I decided to take a break to write (My favourite thing to do!) I live in the hills, and it gets really cool and beautiful during this season. In the Caribbean, our leaves don't usually turn golden, nor do we wear boots and long sleeved shirts everyday, because It still gets hot. I opened my window and decided to take a gaze, and I had absolutely no idea that I would get chills down my spine. I love nature, and I am the type of person who will stand and watch the sun turn a beautiful pink, until it gives it's final bow, leaving us in darkness. I love the moon too, that pale light shining through my glass window looks so beautiful and content against the dark sky, and twinkling stars.

I realized today the importance of taking a little time out of our hectic days to just observe the natural beauty. If you are not lucky to have a wonderful view all day, then take a drive to the nearest spot and just relax. Life can take a toll, and if we are not careful then one day we might just crash. The average person can't just getaway to another country when stress takes over, so enjoy the free getaway that was gifted to us. Take a long concentrated breath as the wind pass through your hair, and softly caress your skin. 

If you're the type that gets bored by just standing and gazing, then make an adventure, A memorable one. Take a hike and stand on top of a hill with your eyes closed or race with your friends then bond over a fire while eating your favourite snacks. I personally don't enjoy parties because I never really get to talk and catch up with my friends. The alcohol makes everyone act crazy and they don't even remember the night, which is a little heartbreaking to me, because I love sitting years later and talking about a fun day or dinner date. (mind you, drunk friends do make great jokes ;).

One thing we need to learn is to turn off the cellphones, even for an hour, and listen to your own thoughts (not the negative ones) or maybe read a book. I don't listen to audio books any more, because I end up scrolling through Instagram or start a conversation with a friend without even remembering the last word the reader said. Instead I get my good ole' paperback and curl up in bed. We really need to stop moving our thumbs sometimes and just let our minds rest.

Life is short, so cherish it and I hope that someone will take my suggestions, and it will make their day. Have hope that everything will be okay. Don't stress and frown (it causes wrinkles).

                        I try to see the sunrise every morning, such a refreshing feeling!

                               Rain one afternoon

                                    So happy for the rain after a HOT, dry summer

                                                   The wonderful view!

***I took these pictures

Until next time!
"Laugh as long as you breathe, love as long as you live"


Friday, September 5, 2014

Inside out (Green Juice)

(Found on Google Images)

Many women and men want the radiant skin promised by products. It's almost impossible to ignore the beautiful women with glowing skin in commercials. These beautifully packaged face washes and moisterizers promise so much, and honestly we may never get the results. There are those who are gifted with great skin, and others who have to work hard to maintain clear skin (I raise my hand). I went through the phase where I bought everything that guaranteed clear, even tone skin; Some of these products are still standing on my bathroom shelves.

I realized that the excessive washing, scrubbing and disinfecting was not working, and I decided to try drinking more water; It worked! and in two weeks the stubborn forehead and chin pimples were gone. I fall off the health train sometimes and succumb to my fries craving, which only cause more chin pimples. But I try to control myself and maintain a healthy diet. I can't avoid the pimples around that time of the month, but with this AWESOME green juice recipe, I keep my acne at bay. I hope you enjoy my recipe, it was inspired by some I found on Pinterest. You can change any of the ingredients according to your liking.

What you will need:



Straw (optional)

3 Stalks Callaloo ( Im not sure if this is popular in every country) / Try 2 cups of Kale if this is not available.

1 Cucumber

2 Tablespoons Lemon/ Lime Juice

1 Banana (for sweetness)

1/2 Ginger crushed


1/4 Cup water ( You can use Coconut Water if you like. Make sure it is all natural)

Use the smoothie or Liquefy option or your blender. And if you are fancier and have a Blendtec, just go ahead and blend. These are more on the pricier side.

You will feel great inside and out. Remember, if you want to look good on the outside, then start caring for your body base on what you consume. I do this every time I eat too much Junk food and feel terrible. It gives me more energy, and makes me feel lighter. You can switch up the ingredients however you like. There are many recipes all over the internet. Having fun while eating healthy makes it easier. 

Until next time:

"Laugh as much as you breathe, and Love as long as you live"