Friday, May 22, 2015

What If.....

Hello Everyone,

We often ask what if  and ponder if things have turned out differently. How would you react you woke up and your life was different. If you are poor, then you might fantasize being rich, and in your mind you would be happy. That's because it is not your life, and as humans we want the best for ourselves in this jungle of a world.

Look at it this way:

What if your life stays the same, what would you you do? would you be happy? Instead of thinking how I want my life to be sometimes, I think of how I would NOT want it to be, which motivates me to do better instead of daydreaming all the time.

Most times we want success to live a flashy life:

I am not the flashy sort of girl, not only because I can't afford the lifestyle but how some people with the life act, especially if they didnt have it before. Many say they are humble and justify the reasons by talking about quality and quantity or how hard they worked for it. But helping others always seem secondary.

I can't lie, I think of myself before I think of others majority of the time, but always feel guilty afterwards. We work to better ourselves, but seem to forget others in the process and just throw the extra change in the donation bucket. We also feel as though we must let the world know that we've helped someone,sometimes  for likeability, especially as a public figure.

Be level headed

Its great to have dreams, ambition, drive and determination. But what if your life never changes, and your dreams get washed down the drain. Would you feel good? content? and try to live with it? or would you sink in a deep, dark hole feeling hopeless and desperate for change. While you work on your dreams remember to always be thoughtful of others and to be content. Personally, I believe it keeps your grounded. How you react to small things can be a test to guide you when the bigger disappointments surface. Its those who persevere and  don't get too caught up in the whims and fancy have the wealth: economically and in mind and body.

Don't worry, be happy. Live in the moment, work hard and stop concerning yourself about what if this  happens or nothing changes. Live in the now, not way up in the clouds where you might get lost.

I think if you just look at life in a positive way, positive things will happen.