Friday, May 8, 2015

1 Day Juice Fast: My experience

I was feeling sluggish and didn't have much of an appetite for a few days, so I researched the possible reasons for my forehead acne and why I was feeling so clogged up. Most of the websites stated that it could be my digestive system. I decided to give my system a break for a day from pollutants, fatty tissues and tissues that build up the body.

It is recommend that you consult with a physician before you try a juice fast and to gradually ease into the diet. I did this by drinking light soups and consumed enough water/ fluids the days before. Also it would be best to do this while at home

8 oz (1 glass) Green juice: 

Upon rising: Drink a glass of warm/hot lemon water (I did not do this, but it is HIGHLY recommended)

6:00 am- workout

8:00- Breakfast
I felt energetic and my usual self after having my first glass of juice.

12:00 pm- Lunch

At about 11 am I felt tired and moody, and a bit weak, nothing alarming. After lunch I could only rest because I  had no motivation or energy to do anything.

2:00- Mid-Afternoon snack

Around this time I was full on weak. Its a good thing is that I had no headaches or stomach cramps, neither was I hungry, just that my energy was low.

6:00 pm- Dinner

About 4 pm I wanted to give up because my mother was cooking and the scent was driving me CRAZY. But I persevered since I love challenging myself and knew how beneficial this would be for my body.

7:00 - Ginger tea

It is recommended to have something warm to soothe the stomach before you retire. However, you can do this throughout the day in between the three square meals. Remember to drink water also, it prevents headaches.

I drank the same mixture throughout the day, simply because I did not want anything too thick, especially since it has been so hot at my home. I would recommend that you switch it up, especially if the variety is available in your local supermarkets.I also did my workout before starting the day because I knew that I would not feel strong during the fast, as I have done this type of detox before.

Update (Friday, May 8 2015)

I woke up feeling weak and hungry, but light on my feet. I didnt feel so clogged up any more. 

Don't go back to oil and salt or anything artificial for 2 days after the fast. You may be tempted to eat the house down, but continue the cleansing process by consuming vegetable salads and drink more green juice. By the third day after your cleanse, you can eat healthy nuts, grains, starch and protein. Below is a sample of what I had. (I broke the rules, don't copy me.)

Fruit Bowl

Brown Rice and Cabbage

Mid-Afternoon snack

Brown Rice with Green leafy vegetables

80z Glass Carrot Juice

 Benefits of a 1 day cleanse
Visit superfoods for superhealth for detailed information 

**I am not a physician, I have done this before and reaped the benefits so I decided to share it. Please don't do it if you have any serious illnesses like Diabetes, consult your doctor first.

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