Friday, March 27, 2015


We think we are not affected by Instagram pictures, filters and captions, but somewhow they are taking over our minds, partially rotting our Brains, leaving us with an identity we are not sure of.

I began my fitness Journey in 2009, because I was never comfortable with my body size. I felt uncomfortable all the time even though I was not a plus size girl. I began purchasing magazines, liking boys and music videos. I was introduced  to a world where size mattered, and it was the type of body with little flesh and a whole lot of bones.

I worked hard at it, I didnt diet, only exercised and made my way to a size zero and a a healthy diet. I began challenging myself to drink more water, work out, do yoga and finally, discard meat from my diet, the rest is history. I feel like if I were to change, I wouldn't be myself....This life makes me happy.

On the Journey, I met people who did not quite understand my lifestyle and I simply explained to giggly faces and the downright ignorant. I never thought once to give up to fit in, because I felt unique and separated from what I thought was a mediocre world.

The journey did not end there, along the way came Miss Kardashian (with the West recently added) and she brought with her a huge butt, full coverage, contouring, small waist and breasts... a whole lot of breasts. There was now a need for bad bitches by young boys and a fat ass by young girls.

Many strive to get the look, and the attention by pushing themselves beyond reality, but I still loved the petite look and feel. I love my vegetarian diet, obsession with the Rastafarian and bohemian culture, no make up face and weird music.

I love this revolution, the A cup revolution, the small breasts, and little, Itsy booty. I love the way I look and feel and want nothing else. I love going braless whenever I feel, simply because bras are not necessary in my world.

I raise my glass of purified water and plate filled with greens and tofu, here's to the #ACupRevolution!  #LoveYourself
**Inspired by cosmopolitan

Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that's when you're most beautiful.

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