Friday, March 13, 2015

Moonlight Nights

Moonlight dreams soar across the evening skies,
Spreading light, blazing minds.
Hands joined tight and eyes like children,
As they welcome and embrace the  feeling.

She blows; he inhales and laughs a little,
firelight sparks again and they feel a shudder, a startling feeling trailing the spine.
They laugh and ponder, trying to figure the joke,
And laugh again, falling in a heap at the throne.

They are silent for a minute basking in the moonlight night,
drawing sharp breaths and savouring the taste.
She feels alive, and dances in the night,
He pulls her and presses her hand against his lips.

They laugh, and then she cries,
As one she holds dear is left behind.
Unknown to him are those moonlight nights,
where new tastes and feelings come alive.

They sleep, joined as one, with nothing but hot breaths for warmth,
Lips pressed, thoughts exchanged,
And guilt tossed away.
But morning sneaks over the houses, behind corners,
And the sun exposes all their sin.
They run, never looking back at each other.
They wait patiently for another moonlight night.

ReneeJ. All Rights Reserved.

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