Friday, June 12, 2015

The Road Less Travelled

It is HARD to keep up sometimes in the social media/digital age. I am only 20, but I am an old soul who forgets to scroll through my Instagram or Facebook feed and have to write it down sometimes. Its great to have the newspaper on your phone and to be aware of the latest happenings and trends. It keeps you current, hip and up to date, and you possible won't look like a fool when trying to have a conversation with others.

But I love the mountains. I like to think and be at peace. I am constantly conversing with myself and blank out too often when others are talking to me. This contradicts with the life I hope to start in New York city, as the location would be good for business. But there is always the need to be somewhere rural, to hide behind the green curtains and feel the rhythmic sway of cool country breeze pressing against your skin and then caressing lightly, leaving its breath stains. oh sweet nostalgia!

All this only sounds like a resort visit, but it is the road less travelled. The world has become a noisy place. People have isolated friends and family for their computers, I do it sometimes, ashamed?  yes. But It seems as though to be a different person is a criminal offence. Unique personalities, tastes and attributes are frowned on, cast away while the ideal looks and common tastes are embraced. 

I go through HELL sometimes because I don't like what everyone else indulge in.Sometimes I want to cave and please others just to get their approval, but it would not be my life, and instead of living, I would be merely breathing. 

I love how odd people think I am. Its a hard road to travel on and no one may want to walk with you. But how would you feel, what would you be if you lived only for the world and the flash, which I believe has no substance or very little.

To me, if you love it, live it. If your're the only one dancing, dance harder. If you are the only christian or whatever religion, praise harder. If your clothes are different, wear it even more. The road less travelled often yields the greatest fruits.

I believe that every person has uniqueness - something that nobody else has.

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