Friday, April 10, 2015

This too shall pass

This post is inspired by President +Barack Obama  visit to my country. As I watched and listened to my country make preparations, I thought "How does one man feel about his success?" It was impressive to see the world's most powerful man speak with such comfort and ease. I marvelled at how he was looked at with such awe and started wondering about my own life and achievements.

It is easy to get down when you fail to achieve certain goals or you receive a terrible grade. I have been to the place where I start doubting my abilities. It gets intense when persons start making expectations, and you try to live up to them, to the point where you simply crash.

I try to read widely and expose myself to the world and all that it has to offer. I see dreams becoming reality and watch as mine seem to be going down the drain,  swallowed in a deep black hole filled with grime and my spiralling hope. There are many that I have read about who did not believe that they would overcome their trials, but they did! I watch +AprilJustinTV  on a daily, and her success story is an inspiration to never give up, even when others put you down.

My dream is to be an Author, to do something I love every single day of my life. But there are many potholes, burning tires and clown faces in the way, and you move pass those, and have good days.But once you turn the corner, more appear and sometimes they stay for awhile. But that too shall pass

I want you to close your eyes and remember a bad day, it could be yesterday, last month or a few years ago, then open your eyes and realize that it is the past. Those days are gone, those trials are over and everyday we wake up is a blessing for new possibilities. It is the time to re-invent yourself. I want to remind you that we live in a fractured creation and most of us will never see our names in bright lights, but even appreciation by one can change your outlook. You might never know if you have saved or will save someone's life with your positivity and hope in their abilities. But it may never happen if you stop trying.

This too shall pass: The sadness, pain, the rejections. You will wake up one day and be in a different place. You might even get to share your story with the world someday. As long as you keep going, even if your achievements seem snail-like, you will reach. Success does not occur overnight, so keep your dreams alive.

Buzzfeed shares a list of 20 brilliant Authors who did not give up, check it out!

I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.


  1. 'This too shall pass' i say this all the time,even when i'm happy...i know that's disturbing but it's reality...i love your write up,and your style,easy flowing and inspiring...all the best Renee ...God bless :)

  2. Thank you seema! I am so happy you enjoyed it. Blessings your way too :D