Friday, February 27, 2015

Last Breath

Story about Religious Persecution

'Persecute her!' 'Persecute her!' The voices rose high into the dark night. The moon was hidden behind a cloak of clouds. I felt the heat encircle my legs, the occasional stench of alcohol from his breath. The faces were familiar. Faces that smiled and hands that gave friendly waves now had grim expressions and the same hands pounded the air in anger.

It became hotter, crawling up my legs like a family of ants, but I was almost numb, shocked and happy that I stood for Jesus. My arms stretched above my head felt broken and separated from my body. The pain ran through my body over and over, and I tried to ignore it.

'Run Elizabeth!' I looked back to see the pain in his eyes, marked by courage. The men in masks tossed the Bible in the fireplace and greedily devoured the left over bread.

My breath came in huffs until I was wheezing. I could not see through the dark night, but something led my feet to prevent falling. The footsteps were behind me, a far off but close enough to catch me.

His scream pierced the night. His howl of pain ran through my mind as I dodged the sharp twigs and branches. The hot tears streamed down my hot face, my legs became limp and wobbly, but I ran on for his sake.

The feet came closer. The wind pushed me on when my legs couldn't. I splashed through a pool of water, soaking my skin and adding weight. I could hear them cursing aloud each time a branch caught their masked faces.

My breath was no more, but I kept going, hoping to see a light, or a friend, but there was no one, only the sound of taunting owls and howling wolves.

They were coming, right behind. Warm liquid trickled from my inner thigh into my shoe. The shouts were louder and the night became hotter. A stench of blood rose in the air and covered the skies. I searched above for the moon, but I could only see the dark clouds that held up the dark sky.

My foot hit a log and I went sprawling over into a shallow pool. I waded through the water breathlessly. They were right behind me. Sounds of desperation and determination filled my ear, but there was no energy, only my father's scream which pulled my body downward.

A strong hand gripped my hand and pushed my head into the dark, murky waters. The water filled my nose and mouth. I struggled and tried to grab the hand, but it kept ducking my head and lifting me up again. The hand finally lifted my head and brought my face to his. A man, his breath reeked of alcohol and my father's cooking. Anger gripped me. My tired body tried to wrestle with him, but he ducked me into the wet darkness and it consumed me.

The voices were loud and clear, "If you don't kill her, we will!". I struggled to lift my aching body, but a hand struck my face onto the cold, dirty concrete. The pain went through my body. It crawled around my ear and mouth, but I could not die. I heard the sounds of rats crawling about the unfamiliar floor and felt them crawling about my bounded arms and legs. Laughter encircled the air while I pleaded.

'Please', I cried, but the laughter grew louder. A glossy liquid fell from above; the smell filled the whole area and burned my eyes and nose. A hand forced my lips open and slashed it with something sharp. I screamed as another round of pain racked my body. The taste of blood filled my lips and flowed on my aching face. I could not move. I could not save myself.

An unbearable heat came over me. The torches exposed their faces. Women who asked to make dresses and children who I taught to read laughed as they tortured me. They all became one and the sound of their laughter was the same.

Fire scorched my leg, taking my skin and breath. My lips were no more. The fire travelled up my legs and waist stripping me of my clothes and life. The flames were bright as it travelled upon me in beauty but pain. The rats squealed as it took them in their bright orange grasps. It slowly took me, but I was at peace. The laughter was now a mockery and the faces were no more. My breath slowly escaped my ruptured lips in short gasps, and before the darkness finally took me. I chose Jesus.

ReneeJ. All Rights Reserved.


For God so loved the World that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

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