Friday, January 2, 2015

Skyline in all It's glory (St. Andrew, Jamaica)

Happy New year!!!
You have a book to write, so fill it with good memories that are worth reading, for those who want to make 2015 a year to put away the smart devices and enjoy the world, then Skyline, Jamaica is a place you should include in your travel book.

 The sun is bowing, orange lines permeate  the sky, and casts light on the city below, alive with the sound of cars and busy travellers.  When the sky is dark and the pale moon light is insufficient, the artificial lights of the city guide the feet and cars to the live portrait. Many testify to sitting quietly for hours, watching the  lights run like ants in their colony. 

The place is known as the “view point,” in Skyline, Jack’s Hill, a quiet semi-rural community located in the hills of East St.Andrew,Jamaica,  in close proximity to Papine and Barbican. Homes in this region require a substantial income.  Those who can afford choose this place as their home for its beauty and tranquillity.

The view is “breath-taking,” and the atmosphere of cool Jack’s Hill adds to the experience, as the gentle breeze tickles the skin, lifting the hairs on hands and neck. It is captivating and cherished by residents and visitors alike. It is one of those places that give persons a chance to watch the busyness below without having to be a part of it. 

One by one the lights are turned on, resembling a doll's house. The viewer can feel like a giant, watching the small world below, and no one sees, no one disturbs. Everyone respects the silence and observes the reverence. The light casts a glow on the sea as it ripples and relaxes, a scene that can be seen  faraway. In this world, one can’t stay too late, so visitors snap a photo, storing it in the memory of technology, possibly to look back one day to remember serenity, or to share with others what many believe is a fine, rare taste of Heaven.

The soft crunch of shoes on gravel can be heard; many sit on the cool stone wall and listen to the faint sound of horns or music wafting from an unknown location. The grass sway slowly to the obedience of the wind, and one might hear the occasional shuffle of a stray animal, lost in the long arms of the rich, green grass, fed frequently from water from the skies. Lovers join hands, press close to each other and gaze on end at the other world. If observed carefully, then a viewer might realize that the scenery below is outlined like the shape of the Jamaican map.

The drive to the top of the hills is worth a visit.  Skyline offers a rich experience to those who wish to take a moment from their busy lives to simply breathe. It does not matter the social status or economic standing of the visitor, as it is one of God’s gifts that is free to man.


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