Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Vegetarian Diet

Hello Everybody!

I get questions from friends and families all the time about my lifestyle. I decided to change the way I ate and treated my body when I was about sixteen. I was inspired by Dr.Oz while watching The Oprah show one evening. It all began with drinking water and I saw my troublesome acne disappear, then I began working out and felt so good!. Recently I decided to give up meat and animal by-products (I still eat fish). The results have been amazing.

Firstly my skin has cleared up nicely
It easier for me to maintain a healthy weight
I have more energy and definitely feel happier

Here is a sample of what a meal plan for me looks like


Granola with soy milk

Vegetable Loaf

Mid-Afternoon snack
Any fruit

Green Vegetables

I still eat Junk, but only occasionally, which I am trying to stop completely (especially French fries)
This diet can be hard and It takes discipline, but I focus on the care that I am giving to my body. Try to get creative with dishes and make sure you are making up for important nutrients like calcium and protein. Below are a few websites that may offer help if you decide to try this diet.

oh my veggies

Choose Veg

Vegan Outreach


Vegetarian Dishes on Pinterest




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